Updates. Yada Yada.

Well.. I will TRY to post on this blog daily or just ‘weekly’ at first.. you know, baby steps and all of that.

After all I have left this blog to rot and decay at it’s own free will considering I really speak more to friends in a rant then anything else.

Guess it would be easier if I had a damn recorder and recorded what was said then post it here.. but alas, that is too tiresome. [and I have no idea how the hell to install audio files onto a blog as of yet.]

I just wanted to post what is going on since I have nothing better to do right now. :-P.



Alright... I have no reason what-so-ever to post this nifty little blog on myspace, but I figured why not since, boredom, has yet again ravished me today.

(Damn thing always goes for my ankles.. prick.)

Anywho, so enjoy the stupid shit I've wrote and maybe will write some more when I feel "Oh so creative".

Heh.. maybe I'll do this drunk... if that's the case, guess I'll have a new post in a couple of hours.

- Till Then


Months Go And Here I Stay

Well the funny thing about life as it seems is it's really a big ball of shit, sprinkled in colorful specs of hypocrites, and then topped off with Rose Perfume... who would have thunk. Life has shown me some very interesting sides to both other people, and myself. For one, living in Virginia hasn't been a damn breeze considering how I dress and well, my thoughts on religion. Being in the bible belt has helped me (as well as many others) see that Virginia is NOT for lovers, but rather, for Fat people who amazingly have still found a way to shove their heads up their ass's, despite the fact that they now have three chins, two stomachs, and a plethora of rolls that could hide a neighboring Aircraft Carrier.

... Oh snap, did I mention the city I live in is also a fricking Navy Base? Hrm, must have slipped my mind.

So, from my last post and all the months up till this one, I have been looking high and low for a damn 9 - 5 Job. Alas, I even got turned down from a doorman position at a GO-GO Club because the crack-head owner had something against Piercings. WHAT THE FUCK MATE?! Not like you're going to have upper society banging down your clubs doors to watch some 20 year old dance on a pole while Korn - Fuck You Like An Animal, plays over and over. Then again, if I would have dumped a damn 8-Ball on his desk I probably would have been hired on the fucking spot. Bastard.

It's not like I have THAT many piercings. I mean 16 isn't a very high number...

... Okay so fine they are mainly on my damn face. Not like I'm going to set off a damn metal detector, (yes yes, I've already tried so don't ask), and I do look decent in them. They aren't HUGE and aren't those crappy nonsense piercings like Dimples, an Anti-Eyebrow, or a frickin Monroe. Sorry ladies, I just can't fathom why a piercing that is supposed to resemble a mole would be attractive.

Here is what I have that is .. ah.. publicly viewable:
  • 4 Eyebrow Piercings (2 on each eyebrow)
  • Left Nostril Pierced Twice
  • 1 Tongue Piercing
  • 1 Horizontal Labret (I have a captive ring in it so it looks like a lip piercing, though I took out the captive ball and clamped it shut)
  • 2 left lob piercings (Gauged to 8)
  • Top of the ear (Apex Piercing) in both ears.

See.. not TOO bad. Whatever though. On top of that, I feel like a sleaze-ball because I don't have a huge income, (I make less than $100.00 a month blogging), I mean how pathetic is that? Bah, I have no idea what the hell life has in store for me other than kicking my ass and seeing how many times I'll get back up.

I still have to keep that promise after all, not that I regret it, I just want to make her proud. Perhaps I'm a fool. If I am then so be it. Hopefully I'll be a damn comfortable fool before I go insane from trying to find a way to work from home or either a 9 - 5.

Well if it happens it happens, cest la vie, no?

This post has gone on long enough and besides, not like anyone comments :P.

- Decay


Life is so RETARDED at times...

RAH. 2000 a month. GOD, that’s what I would have been making if I would have had a car. I found this ad on craigslist.com stating in the title ”Hang out. Answer Phones.”


Well that was what I initially thought. My Brother tossed his phone over to me after seeing their number listed and forcefully instructed me to call. (He said it was because it would be 2K a month and cake at that. He wanted me to call because he saw in the ad ”Like to work with the opposite sex and love loved music?”

So I did. The ad also instructed me to ask for a Nicole when I called. Upon calling a dude answered the phone and I told him I found their ad on craigslist. The dude was nice and asked me my name. I could hear the music in the background and was already getting rev’d about a possible interview. He asked me my name first. I told him. The second question was a killer and a deal breaker.

Guy on the phone: “Do you have a car?”

FUCK. My mind went racing and I looked at my brother. He gave me the like I know what the hell you are talking about.. YOU’RE ON THE PHONE “look”. So I replied honestly, even though my brother and other roommates do have vehicles.

Me: “No not personally.”


Guy on the phone: “Well damn dude that sucks, this is a sales job and you would need a car to get around and help advertise. Sorry mate. “……Click.

I looked at my brother and said “DAMNIT, that’s what I get for moving…” (I’ve just recently moved to Virginia and sold everything I owned to fly here and no way am I taking a four day bus ride from Nevada to Virginia. I don’t like traveling THAT much.

Any who, after all was said and done I stopped, sat back and was curious on why the guy never gave me any time to ask for Nicole. Not to mention the ad was false advertisement. Nevertheless, 2k a month would be a god send and more then what I could ask for at the moment.

Yes I am jobless and hating it. I’ve been trying to find ways to make money online due to the fact I’m broke and am without a personal vehicle. Though, having me own personal chauffeur has been nice.

Maybe I’ll call tomorrow and ask for “Nicole” first and see what I can do about the phone answering service they are advertising for.


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..:: Decay ::..


Who Needs A Phone When You Have A Computer?

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For all you people who would love to start selling this amazing product, they have you in mind as well. You can become an affiliate or just walk up to their office and ask for an interview.

Check these guys out at MegaMeeting.com and see what they have to offer. Enjoy!

..:: Decay ::..

The Decayed Thought's Hit Industrial

Well, Fellow readers. It is my pleasure to announce that I will be creating a Blog site dedicated fully to the musical ongoings of the Industrial scene. When launched I will provide a RSS feed here to allow users to see when a new post is up. Also, I will give the option, on established, to give any "Wanted Reviews" of CD's, Concerts, etc that any of you wish for me to review. I promise I won't be to much of a Witty reviewer. Hah who am I kidding, you just won't be disappointed. The site is looking to be launched in the coming month. As always keeping you informed of the Decayed Days, Here comes my personal events.

As of June 4th or 5th I will be relocating to Norfolk, Virgina in a quest to find better work and be closer to that ever lovely female in my mind. Needless to say I think she is excited about it. After all I did give her my word I would return to her side. How soon though is the real question. I have wreaked enough havoc in Nevada and now I must find new grounds and people to taint. The knowledge must grow and prevail if this damn world is to be any sort of fun.

I know this is one of my sorter posts but I have a few more errands to take care of and they are more urgent than my ramblings, thus far. Keep it Witty people.


..:: Decay ::..


Off line and On line Credit Cards.. Get the Advantage!!

Well I recently found a company called Advantage Processors. What they are and do is quit amazing and will be very beneficial not only to merchants across the globe but customers. They are the leading provider for low-cost online internet credit card processing merchant accounts for both Low Risk merchants and High Risk related industries. It helps with traditional retails stores sales security. Virtually any store that can accept a Credit Card can have a merchant account! This is a great thing not only because it's helping businesses stay in the times, but Advantage Processors offers Competitive pricing and very low transaction rates. They are able to do this simply because their sales team has established a very well business banking relationships with banks found across the US. This enables them to take the lead in offering secure and diverse account rates to businesses that have just started up and businesses that have been established for years. (Rock on, now I can accept credit card payments from my roommates for taking out the trash, I love these guys!)

They deal with all the major credit cards such as Visa, Master Card, Discover, American Express, and even Diners Club International! They offer many hosts for the internet merchants of the world, as well as a tutorial and information guide on Merchants Account Services they offer. These host are very reliable and can be found here: Hosting Providers
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This is looking like the next step for credit cards and they are giving the bank rates a run for their money. Finding the best possible rates for processing services is what these guys excel at. Needless to say they pull through on their word. Wonder if they can give a good word for people who need credit cards, I could use one right about now. Never know, maybe that's something they maybe coming up with in the near future. Well people, enjoy the read.

..:: Decay ::..