Wait, it’s what year?!

Well, it has been a long time since I have even tried writing or visited this little minuscule world of Sapiens Epiphany.

Not sure if I am going to revive this or not. I guess this is just my hidden in plain sight, way to vent. As if my words are the equivalent of a ghost… they are here, yet invisible to seemingly everyone.


Updates. Yada Yada.

Well.. I will TRY to post on this blog daily or just ‘weekly’ at first.. you know, baby steps and all of that.



Alright... I have no reason what-so-ever to post this nifty little blog on myspace, but I figured why not since, boredom, has yet again ravished me today.


Months Go And Here I Stay

Well the funny thing about life as it seems is it's really a big ball of shit, sprinkled in colorful specs of hypocrites, and then topped off with Rose Perfume... who would have thunk. Life has shown me some very interesting sides to both other people, and myself.


Life is so RETARDED at times...

RAH. 2000 a month. GOD, that’s what I would have been making if I would have had a car. I found this ad on craigslist.com stating in the title ”Hang out. Answer Phones.”



The Decayed Thought's Hit Industrial

Well, Fellow readers. It is my pleasure to announce that I will be creating a Blog site dedicated fully to the musical ongoings of the Industrial scene. When launched I will provide a RSS feed here to allow users to see when a new post is up.


Lifes a Bitch

Life's a fucking whore. You can't do one thing without there ever being a negative,; or a positive for that matter. That, though, is pointing out the obvious.